About SMARTNet Alliance

SMARTNet Alliance is a Business Incubator and Accelerator specifically for the sustainability sector. Our MISSION is to:

Accelerate the Transition to Canada's Sustainable Economy

What is our Vision?

Our VISION for this sustainable economy is one that:

  • Has environmental sustainability at its core: from renewable energy, renewable transportation, energy efficient/low impact manufacturing processes, to end use - we only work with businesses that have caring for the environment as one of their fundamental values.
  • Provides fair and well-paying jobs: we believe that the future of Canada's economy will be rooted in a green revolution that is grass roots and will lead to new and exciting jobs for all. No economy can be sustainable without a strong and prosperous middle class.
  • Is connected and community oriented: we believe that the information age is taking us to a new level of social consciousness, peer-to-peer is the word of the day. We feel that the sustainable economy will be led by alliances of people and organizations working together towards a common goal, using the power of technology.

We're WORKING towards this vision by:

  • Building a community: of people and businesses who share this vision for Canada and the world. Anyone can join, all voices are heard, and we all work together to advance our mission. 
  • Building businesses: that have sustainability at their core and share our beliefs. We work with businesses and help them to help each other.

Who can join the Alliance?

You can become a member of the Alliance in varying ways.

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What does SMARTNet Alliance do?

SNA offers both free and for-fee services to new entrepreneurs and SME's who are ready to take the next steps in their growth.
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Meet the SMARTNet Alliance Team:


Paul Cairns, Executive Director

Paul is a young and vibrant individual who has completed his M.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering. He is highly dedicated to the SNA vision and to helping humanity move towards a sustainable future.  Paul will be responsible for the ongoing operations of SMARTNet Alliance and for building relationships with businesses and organizations.

You can reach Paul at:


Raymonde Lemire, Business Services

Raymonde is a seasoned entrepreneur and administrative professional. With over 30 years of experience working in the corporate sector and running her own business she is well positioned to understand the needs of both employers and entrepreneurs.

You can reach Raymonde at: 



Janet Stewart, President

Janet has been an entrepreneur for more than three decades. Much of her success can be attributed to her tenacity to deliver outstanding customer service and results to her clients. Janet leads the SNA team of highly-skilled, professionals who will help you take the steps to grow your business by tapping into our easy-to-use business services and helping connect you to other Alliance members who want to work together for shared success.

You can reach Janet at: