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Green Drinks Ottawa

Green Drinks is an open invitation to anyone studying, working on, or just interested in all things green (energy, renewable energy, environment).  Come and join us for interesting, and inspiring conversation. This is an informal, self-organizing network and meets on the Second Thursday of every month at:

The Fox & Feather Pub & Grill
283 Elgin Street, Ottawa K2P 1M1

The Green Talk starts at 5:30 PM and the fun goes until you want.

Appetizers are compliments of SMARTNet Alliance.


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Meetup - GreenDrinks-March2016

  March 10         

March - Green Speaker Spotlight Guest:

Chris Young, CEO of Stoked Power, an Ottawa based company commercializing proprietary "Virtual Power Plant" technology that's 3 times more energy efficient than large central power plants. He is recognized as an expert in alternative energy matters by the Ontario Energy Board and the Senate of Canada.  He has over 20 years of experience working with early stage companies in a variety of sectors.

Chris will be speaking about the fear of disruptive technology and stranded assets.  


  April 14

April - Green Speaker Spotlight Guest:

Chris Weissflog, Founder of EcoGen Energy, Merrickville 

From Net Zero energy toward a zero carbon standard!

Chris will speak about his experience using a small business platform to help homeowners and small businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.  He will cover:

  • Solar water heating and heating systems that link solar water and space heating systems
  • Grid-tied and off-grid solar electric (photovoltaic/PV) systems
  • Design/build high performance houses built to the Passive House standard developed in Germany
  • Combining all these technologies and more in projects currently nearing completion in Merrickville and at Carleton University
  • The effects of some recent government incentive programs on businesses and customers

After spending 21 years in the Military, Chris started EcoGen Energy and has been turning wrenches, swinging hammers and training people to do the work required to build high performance houses. Evolving from an energy systems perspective, EcoGen Energy begins with energy in mind and designs buildings that go well beyond Net Zero energy toward a zero carbon standard.  The systems the company is designing and currently building are progressive and provides EcoGen Energy with significant insight into the cost and effectiveness of various advanced building techniques and energy sub-systems.  This knowledge then enables the company to design more environmentally sound buildings to meet the needs, values and budgets of their clients.



  May 12

May - Green Speaker Spotlight Guest:

Graham Findlay, 3G Energy

Powering renewable energy projects and solutions in Ottawa

3G Energy is an Ottawa-based renewable energy solutions company, focused primarily on wind and solar power.  Active as project developers since they have conceived and built renewable energy projects in numerous provinces across Canada.

In 2007 they added advisory services to their activities and since then their customers have  included First Nations, cooperatives, non-profits and public entities. 

With a network of consultants across Canada, 3G delivers projects in any province while maintaining a small core team. 

3G Energy partners with customers to achieve their particular goals, acting as advisor or co-developer or both.

Recently 3G completed a solar system on a unique cooperative housing project in Ottawa. This job included solar panels configured as window shading on the south facing wall — nothing like this has been done in Ottawa before.  3G designed the structural attachment scheme and assisted the building's architects, an assignment that was considered too weird by other solar companies to bother with.

Currently 3G is engaged in a team assembling a commercial office building competitive bid, ensuring this ultra-modern building will generate its own energy from solar power upon completion in 2017.

Graham Findlay, Founder of 3G Energy will speak about the renewable energy projects completed in Ottawa and his work on changing the world to appreciate renewable energy.   


  June 9


June - Green Speaker Spotlight Guest: 
Kris Stevens, Sustainability Consultant
SMARTNet Alliance

Kris will share the highlights of the June 2nd SMARTsalon held with the top Ottawa business leaders.

  July 14
July - Green Speaker Spotlight Guests: 
Alain Hamel, Alliance Mortgage
Learn the different options to finance your "green" projects whether that be a mortgage, a construction loan, equity takeout through refinancing, or access to a cash back credit card for home renovations.  Make your home a healthier place for your family with a healthier option for your wallet. Have questions that you would like to have answered at Green Drinks, email Alain ahead of time and he will include your question and the answer at the event.
Green Enthusiasts Community Discussion
  August 11
August - Green Speaker Spotlight Guest: 
Green Enthusiasts Community Discussion
  September 8
Casey Grey, The Conscious Builder
Cornelis Grey Construction

Casey is going to share the top 3 things to consider when building consciously and why they all need to work together. Only having 2 out of these 3 things can cause major issues in your home.

Who Is The Conscious Builder?

The Conscious Builder is about never ending improvement and progress towards a healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly and prosperous future.

The Conscious Builder is about making conscious decisions. Being aware of how every decision and every action will have an impact on something and someone, somewhere. It's up to us to make sure that those decisions and actions create a positive, lasting change.

Merriam-Webster definition of conscious:

  1. Awake and able to understand what is happening around you.
  2. Aware of something (such as a fact or feeling).
  3. Knowing something exists or is happening.
  4. Known or felt by yourself.

This means that you may not be able to build or renovate your home 100% sustainably, but you can build it 100% consciously. If you're aware of the implications of your decisions, then, and only then, can you make conscious decisions. 

  October 13
October - Green Speaker Spotlight Guest:
Diana Livshits, President, Krumpers Solar Solutions
Diana will share her "Get your home ready for Fall and Winter Checklist" - small projects to get your home ready for the cold weather season.  In addition, she will demo the benefits of Krumper Solar Blinds and how they will enhance not only the energy efficiency of your home but also your lifestyle and productivity.  Come out and experience Krumper Solar Solutions!
  November 10
November - Green Speaker Spotlight Guest: 
Janice Ashworth, General Manager
Janice will share OREC's story of how the community working cooperatively can enable sustainable energy infrastructure including community-owned solar. She will also talk about the opportunity for individuals to invest in local green power generation and the future of solar post FIT.
  December 8


Let's Celebrate the upcoming holidays! A little food, a little wine and a lot of cheer!


When in Oshawa ...

Join us at Green Drinks OSHAWA on the second Wednesday of every month, at 5:30 p.m. at: Wildfire Steakhouse, 540 King St. East.